Aerolineas Argentinas, created in 1949, is the country national carrier. Iberia took control of the airline in 1990 but the Argentine government renationalized the airline in 2008.



  18.7 cm long. Business Class from 2017, logo on front


  13.2 cm long. Same pattern, smaller size


  12.7 cm long. Logo on front


  16.0 cm long. Logo on front  


  15.6 cm long. Same pattern as above, only smaller  


  12.5 cm long. 


  14.4 cm long. 


  12.7 cm long. 


  13.7 cm long. 


  16.2 cm long. 


  16.8 cm long. Old soup spoon


  12.5 cm long. 


  14.9 cm long. Logo on back


  13.2 cm long. Marked with 'AA' and logo on back