New Spoons



 My 20 most recent spoons


  Estelar Latinoamerica 14.4 cm

  First Air 13.2 cm

  Pacific Northern Airlines 14.1 cm

  Mid Continent Airlines 14.1 cm

  Allegheny Airways 13.9 cm

  United Airlines 14.8 cm

  La Compagnie 13.0 cm

  KLM 12.2 cm. Spoon shaped as a tennis racket

  LAN 14.0 cm, souvenir spoon given on flights to the Galapagos Islands

  LAN 12.2 cm, from the early 1990s, marked "LAN Chile"

  Lufthansa 14.2 cm, silverplated old spoon

  SAS 11.0 cm, silverplated moka spoon

  Sri Lankan Airlines 14.0 cm long, Business Class circa 2012

  Air Mauritius 12.5 cm long, from 2012, name and logo on top

  TWA 14.0 cm long, silverplated from the 1940s

  South African Airways 13.4 cm long, marked SAA

  Garuda 11.5 cm long

  Royal Brunei 15.4 cm long

  National 13.0 cm long

  United 15.4 cm long