Air Canada





   Air Canada is Canada's national carrier, founded in 1937 as Trans Canada Airlines. It was renamed Air Canada in 1965 and was privatized in 1988.



  14.9 cm long. Business Class from the 2010s


  14.4 cm long. Former Business Class, silverplated, large size


  11.4 cm long. Business Class, same pattern, small size


  13.5 cm long


  15.1 cm long. Made by Michaud


  15.1 cm long. Made by TQT, logo on back


  15.1 cm long. Striped logo on front


 14.9 cm long. First Class


 14.9 cm long. First Class, slightly different design


 11.4 cm long. First Class, moka size


 13.5 cm long. First Class


  13.3 cm long. 


  13.3 cm long. Same pattern as above, different logo