Air India





  Air India is the national carrier of India. It was founded in 1932 as Tata Airlines and adopted the name Air India in 1946. It was acquired by the Indian government in 1948. It operated international long-haul routes while Indian Airlines served domestic and short-haul ones until they were merged into Air India Limited in 2007.



  10.4 cm long. Silver plated moka spoon from the 1950s. Marked "Air India International"


  11.8 cm long. Silver plated demitasse spoon. Made by Noritake, marked "Air India" on the back


  17.8 cm long. Same pattern, large size


  12.0 cm long. First Class new logo


  17.7 cm long. First Class, same pattern, larger size


  16.0 cm long 


  16.0 cm long, old model. Logo on top, name on the back


  11.3 cm long. Same pattern, small size


  17.1 cm long, Logo on top, name on the back of the handle


  15.7 cm long, Logo on top, name on the back of the handle. This logo was used from 1990 to 1993 only.


  10.8 cm long. Name on back


  14.1 cm long. Same pattern, tea size


  18.1 cm long. Same pattern, dessert size


 11.1 cm long. Moka size, made by Mitbawker


 11.1 cm long. Moka size, made by Hugo Pott


 12.0 cm long. New logo


 15.8 cm long. New logo, dessert size


 16.9 cm long. New logo, place size


 16.7cm long. New logo, very close to the previous one