Delta Airlines






  Delta Airline is one of the major US carriers headquartered in Atlanta. It has been operating since 1941


  14.3 cm long. Made by International Silver Co.  marked 'DAL' on the back


  14.2 cm long. Business Class small size from 2010


  17.2 cm long. Business Class large size from 2010


  11.5 cm long. Souvenir spoon


  6.5 cm long. Amuse-gueule spoon


  13.8 cm long


  14.5 cm long


  16.0 cm long


  14.4 cm long


  15.0 cm long


  16.0 cm long


  15.0 cm long. Business Class


  16.3 cm long. Business Class, soup spoon


  15.2 cm long


  15.0 cm long


  20.9 cm long. Service spoon


  16.3 cm long. Ladle


  14.6 cm long


  14.2 cm long