Ethiopian Airlines






 Ethiopia national carrier, it was founded in 1945 with the help of TWA. In 2018 it has become the largest airline in Africa, thanks to its large cargo activity.


  12.8 cm long. Very old model

  15.0 cm long. Lion logo

  11.8 cm long. Souvenir spoon featuring the Nile Falls in Bahar Dar

  12.0 cm long. B 767 gold plated souvenir spoon

  12.0 cm long. Amharic writing

  11.8 cm long. Amharic writing. Same pattern but shorter and wider

  12.0 cm long. Amharic writing, written in reverse order

  16.3 cm long. Amharic writing, large model

 14.5 cm long

 14.2 cm long

 18.8 cm long

 14.7 cm long. Name on the back

 13.0 cm long. The only one marked "Ethiopian Airlines"