Japan Airlines







 JAL was established in 1951 and became the national airline of Japan in 1953.


  14.0 cm long. Cutlery set for kids

  13.5 cm long. Logo in tiny print on the back


  14.2 cm long


  12.8 cm long. Crane logo


  14.1 cm long


  12.6 cm long


  14.6 cm long


  13.6 cm long


  11.4 cm long


  11.9 cm long


  11.4 cm long. Marked "JAL Baby spoon"


  16.7 cm long. Marked "JAL" on the back


  13.0 cm long. Same pattern


  14.8 cm long. Same pattern


  13.5 cm long. Wako pattern


  13.5 cm long. Wako pattern


  13.0 cm long. Porcelain. The language of flowers as stated by JAL is "Balloon Flower" for Sincerity


  13.0 cm long. Porcelain. This one is "Fringed Pink" for Yearning


  13.0 cm long. Porcelain. And this one is "Fragrant Olive" for Nobility

  Airlines can be philosophical at times :-)))