Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (Royal Dutch Airlines) known as KLM is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. It was created in 1919 making it the oldest airline still operating under its original name. In 2004 it merged with Air France but both airlines continue to fly under their distinct brand names.


  12.2 cm. Odd spoon shaped as a tennis racket

  11.5 cm. Souvenir spoon

  11.7 cm. 20 years anniversary

  11.5 cm long. Sugar spoon, 25th anniversary

  11.7 cm. 30th anniversary, marked 1919-1949 on top of the handle

  11.8 cm long. 40th anniversary

  11.6 cm long. 50th anniversary, marked 1919 KLM 1969

  10.9 cm. Silverplated moka size spoon

  11.8 cm. Souvenir Boeing 747

  13.8 cm. Marked KLM and "Stewardessen"

  11.2 cm long. Marked "Uiver"

  11.2 cm long. Marked "Pelikan"

  11.1 cm long. Silver, small size

  17.4 cm long. Silver, large size

  18.2 cm long. Old Silver spoon

  11.3cm long

  11.3 cm long. Same pattern. Different logo and wider handle, made by Sola

  11.5 cm long. Same pattern as above, different logo. Made by Amefa.

  16.3 cm long

  16.5 cm long. Same pattern as above, different logo

  11.4 cm long. Name and logo on the back

  11.1 cm long

  16.0 cm long

  11.3 cm long. From the 1950s

  15.8 cm long. Large size, same logo

  11.3 cm long

  15.8 cm long

  15.8 cm long. Same pattern as above, different logo

  13.7 cm long. Logo printed on the blue plastic handle

  10.3 cm long. Business Class coffee spoon. Designed by Marcel Wanders.

  17.7 cm long. Business Class spoon, designed by Marcel Wanders.

  12.5 cm long. Same pattern, smaller size