LAN - LAN Chile







 LAN is now a group of South American airlines based in Santiago, Chile. It started in 1929 as Línea Aérea Nacional de Chile (LAN Chile). In 2004 Lan Chile and its foreign subsidiaries unified under the LAN brand


  14.0 cm long. Very old pattern


  10.5 cm long


  17.0 cm long


  13.6 cm long


  13.6 cm long. Same pattern as above, smaller logo marked "ACSA Chile"


  12.8 cm long


 12.8 cm long


 12.7 cm long


 13.0 cm long


 12.4 cm long


  16.0 cm long


  12.8 cm long. Marked "LAN CHILE"


  10.0 cm long. Moka spoon