MEA - Middle East Airlines







 Middle East Airlines (MEA) is the national flag-carrier of Lebanon. It was founded in 1945 with support from BOAC.


Silver soup spoon from the 1960s 15.4 cm. Logo on top, marked MEA on the back


  Same pattern, tea size. 14.5 cm long


  Same pattern, moka size 11.4 cm long

  14.5 cm long Silver spoon from the 1960s, marked MEA on top


  11.3 cm long Same pattern, smaller size


  10.7 cm long. Moka spoon from the 1960s


  12.7 cm long


  12.0 cm long from Business Class


  14.5 cm long. Same pattern, larger size


  13.0 cm long


  10.9 cm long


  12.5 cm long


  11.0 cm long


  16.0 cm long


  13.6 cm long