Malaysia Airlines






 Malaysian Airlines System is the flag carrier airline of Malaysia. It was created in 1946 as Malayan Airways, was renamed Malaysian Airways after Malaysia gained independence. It changed its name once more to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. MSA ceased operations in 1972, and two airlines were born — Malaysian Airline System (MAS) and Singapore Airlines. In 2014 it experienced 2 aircraft crashes killing more than 500 passengers.


  11.3 cm long


  15.3 cm long


  11.5 cm long. Silverplated


  18.2 cm long. Same pattern, large size


  13.9 cm long. Silverplated


  15.2 cm long. Silverplated


  10.0 cm long. Nice moka spoon


  13.2 cm long. Same pattern, larger size


  11.3 cm long


  15.1 cm long