Qantas is Australia's flag carrier airline. It stands for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services". It is one of the oldest airlines, having been established in 1920



  12.7 cm long. It features the logo of Qantas Empire Airways

  17.4 cm long. Same pattern, larger size

  16.6 cm long. Qantas Empire too, shorter than the previous one, with a square end

  13.5 cm long. Silver tea spoon, old logo

  17.4 cm long. Silver soup spoon, old logo

  13.6 cm long. Silver tea spoon, new logo

  17.3 cm long. Silver soup spoon, new logo

  17.5 cm long. Silver dessert spoon, new logo

  13.1 cm long. Silverplated

  13.3 cm long. Silverplated, same pattern as above, thinner handle

  11.7 cm long. Souvenir Boeing 747, marked 'Qantas Australia'

  12.5 cm long. Souvenir spoon

  11.0 cm long. Souvenir spoon

  14.2 cm long. Business Class from 2018 on, designed by David Caon

  19.1 cm long. Ugly spoon marked "Marc Newson for Qantas" on the back

  13.7 cm long. Same ugly spoon, smaller size

  10.4 cm long. Still another Mark Newson, moka size

  13.5 cm long. Current Business Class. Marked 'Noritake for Qantas' on the back

  18.0 cm long. Current Business Class Large size. Marked 'Noritake for Qantas' on the back

  14.6 cm long

  15.0 cm long

  15.2 cm long. Old logo

  11.3 cm long