TAP/Transportes Aereos Portugueses







  TAP (Transportes Aereos Portugueses) is the national airline of Portugal founded in 1945. Property of the Portuguese government it should be privatized soon


  17.0 cm long. Silverplated


  13.6 cm long. Silverplated


  9.9 cm long


  9.9 cm long


  11.4 cm long


  13.1 cm long


  15.3 cm long


  11.6 cm long. 


  15.0 cm long. 


  11.4 cm long. 


  16.3 cm long. 


  10.5 cm long. From Navigator Class


  11.3 cm long. 


  16.0 cm long. New design


  15.0 cm long. Design from the 2010s


  12.5 cm long. Same pattern, small size


  15.0 cm long. Name on top