United Airlines







 United Airlines was founded in 1926 in Chicago. It merged with Continental Airlines in 2010 to form the world's largest airline


  14.6 cm long. Silverware


  13.5 cm long. Silverware


  13.9 cm long. Silverware


  14.7 cm long


  14.6 cm long


 15.2 cm long. Made by ABCO, marked "UNITED" on top of the handle.


 15.0 cm long. Made by TQT. Same pattern, slightly different logo, marked "UnITED" on top 


 15.6 cm long


 15.6 cm long. Same pattern as above, different logo


 17.0 cm long. Silver 


 17.5 cm long. From First Class, large size


 14.1 cm long. From First Class


 14.1 cm long. Almost same pattern


 15.0 cm long. Used after merger with Continental