VARIG (Viação Aérea RIo-Grandense) was the first airline founded in Brazil, in 1927. In 2006 it was split in 'Old Varig' (operating under the name Flex Linhas Aereas) and 'New Varig' integrated into Gol Airlines.


  10.4 cm long. Old pattern, moka spoon


  13.2 cm long. Same pattern, tea size


  15.0 cm long. Same pattern, dessert size


  16.5 cm long. Same pattern, soup size


  14.1 cm long


  13.8 cm long


  13.3 cm long


  13.7 cm long. Logo on front, marked "Varig Brazil" on the back


  13.7 cm long. Name and logo on front, no marking on the back


  13.3 cm long. From Business Class


  9.8 cm long. Same logo, small size