Knives and Forks



  Knives and forks are listed in alphabetical order, all of them are for trade. Please send me a mail if you are interested in any of them.

 Click on the name to display the picture

Air Canada First Class Knife

Air Ceylon silver Fork

Air France blue handle complete set

Air France Fork made by Guy de Grennes

Air Holland Knife

Air India Fork  

Air Zaire Knife and Fork

America West Knife and Fork

American Airlines Fork

Ansett Knife

Braathens Knife, name on top

British Airways Knife and Fork, name in lower case characters

British Airways Knife, made by Atkinson

City Air Knife   and Fork

Continental Airlines Knife and Fork

CorsairFly Fork

Delta Airlines Knife   and Fork

Eva Air Knife

Finnair Knife

Garuda Airlines old Knife and Fork

Korean Fork. Souvenir from the 1988 Olympics in Seoul

Loftleidir Icelandic Knife and Fork

Mexicana Knife

National Airlines Knife    and Fork

North Central Airlines Knife

Northwest Airlines Knife and Fork, silverplated, old design

Northwest Airlines Knife   and Fork

Northwest Orient Knife and Fork

Northwest Orient Fork

Novair Knife and Fork

Piedmont Knife    and Fork, small size (16.0 cm)

Piedmont large Knife (20.8 cm)

RAS Fork

Rio Sul Knife

Royal Jordanian Airlines Fork 

Royal Jordanian Airlines Business Class Knife

Sabena Fork

SAS Knife

SAS Knife

Saudia Fork

Skyservice Knife

Spantax Knife

Swissair Knife    and Fork

TAM Fork grey plastic handle

TAP old Knife    and Fork

TAT Knife and Fork

TCA Knife    and Fork

Thai Business Class Knife

Thai Knife and Fork

US Airways Fork

Western Airlines Knife   and Fork

XL Airways UK Knife and Fork, marked

XL Airways UK Knife, marked XL